Saturday, September 30, 2017

Some one cloned my android application from the Google Play store and published the same in the Play store

Stealing is not right. I searched google for a solution and found the useful blog 

The blog suggest me to make a Gentleman's move first by writing an email to the appropriate party about their violations. It also suggest me to inform to the Playstore as a further step.

I decided to register a complaint on the Playstore first and also wrote an email to the person who cloned my app. I never received a reply from that person.

Trust me Google team actively working on the removal of the contents that are violating the policy. All we need to do is inform the activity to the Google.

Here is what I did.

I got the Link to register the complaint from the blog.

The link prompt me few questions.For all the questions, we have to choose the appropriate answers, I mentioned what I chose

Q1. What Google product does your request relate to?
          Google Play: Apps

Q2. What can we help you with? 

       I have found content that may violate my copyright

Q3. Are you the copyright owner or authorized to act on his/her behalf?

       Yes, I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf

Q4. What is the allegedly infringing work in question?


I read the instructions and clicked on the form link(this form) present in the last line.This is the main form that reports the alleged copyright infringement

Section 1 : Contact Information 

                 I entered all my information

Section 2 : Your copyrighted work
            2.1  Identify and describe the copyrighted work

                  This is description box, where we can explain our concerns.
                  I mentioned the my issue like the following

                  Application Content.

                  I created the application named "<APP NAME>" in playstore  


                  Some one copied my entire Application code and published 

                  the  similar one named "<CLONED APP NAME>"  with logo 
                  and locale changes in playstore


            2.2 Where can we see an authorized example of the work?
                 My application link in the play store

Section 3 : Allegedly infringing material 

              3.1 Location of the allegedly infringing material   
                  Cloned application link in the play store
              3.2 Attachment
                   I attached a screen shot of a cloned app.

Section 4 : Sworn statements
                 I read all the statement and checked all the check boxes.

Section 5 : Signature
                 Typed my name

I read the terms and verified all the information and clicked Submit button. Then I saw the confirmation message and received the acknowledgement email to the address given in Section 1

September 13 2017 - I filed a complaint.

September 15 2017 - Google team replied with the the message saying that the content I mentioned violating their policies and they will be working on removing from the services
. The same day the cloned app is removed from the play store.

Please make a note that mis-using above forms
will also be consider as violation of policy.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

It is true that Laptops prices are cheaper in America than India

Last Monday I bought my second Laptop with good configurations for the price $811.86

This product current price in India is ₹119,478.00 with 8GB RAM. I bought this in Dallas.I am happy about that I am lucky to get it for ₹52,715